Generating MLM Leads Online With Banner Ads

If you have a high converting website and effective follow up system in place for your MLM business then using banner ads to generate leads online is certainly a very effective avenue to go down. Professional banners can be created for very little expense through one of the many outsourcing portals, such as Odesk.com or Elance.com, and even if you are brand new to generating MLM leads on the internet, you will find banner ads can be a simple and cost effective way to get prospects in front of your offer.

A word of warning though; if the only website you have for your MLM business is the replicated one your company gave you then DO NOT spend a penny on advertising online. You will just be throwing money down the drain. Company replicated websites do not convert. Not even close. Instead, you will need a “marketing system” to convert visitors to leads and then follow up with those leads on autopilot. If you don’t currently have an effective online marketing system in place then you can learn more about getting one – Here.

So, once you have your banner (or banners) created; the next step is to obviously find potential websites to advertise on. This is where a lot of MLM business owners can feel overwhelmed. How exactly do you know which websites you should partner with to generate MLM leads online with banner ads? Well, there is always going to be a level of “trial and error” with ANY form of online advertising, so of course there are no clear cut avenues for guaranteeing results, but one of the best ways to get started with banner ads for your MLM business is to use a “middle man” company like BuySellAds.com.

BuySellAds bridge the gap between website owners and advertisers, and list thousands of websites in their “marketplace” area (sorted into categories) which make the whole process of finding relevant websites to advertise an MLM business so much easier.

How to Use Banners to Generate MLM Leads Online…

Here’s Bilal Rahim, from Dream Team Leadership, explaining how he uses BuySellAds to advertise and generate leads for his MLM business online…

So there’s no denying; if you’re looking to generate leads online for your MLM business with banner ads then utilizing BuySellAds is a very effective way to get in the game quickly and without the struggle of trying to find quality websites to advertise on.

With banner ads starting from just a few bucks for 30 days exposure, it’s possible for anyone, no matter what sized budget set aside for generating MLM leads online, to start testing advertising sources with low risk.

Tim Soulo of Motocms.com has some advice for increasing the bang for your buck with BuySellAds, and has actually been able to increase the effectiveness of his banner ads on the network by as much as 500% by following these 5 tips

1. Pick the Right Niche

With BuySellAds you just have to determine if a certain website is relevant enough to promote your business. Luckily they have an extremely handy filtering system with all the properties divided into a number of major categories, so really take the time to review the websites in your niche and get a good feel for how likely you are to generate leads from their visitors.

2. You Should be “Above the Fold”

Placing your banner in the part of a webpage that’s visible without scrolling might sound like a “no-brainer”, but some people think that their banner design is so awesome and eye-catching that people will notice it no matter what. Simply not true. Just remember this…

Each time you opt to buy a banner that’s “below the fold” you consciously decrease your CTR (click-through-rate) and pay more money for each lead you generate – make sure you read this sentence at least 5 times.

MLM Leads Online Banner Ads

3. Know Who You’re Talking to

Once you have a list of websites related to your niche (MLM Leads Online, Home Business, Health and Wellness etc) the next step is to spy on their audience and see if they are a fit with your “ideal customer” profile.

Haven’t worked out  your “ideal customer” profile yet? Then – Click Here

4. Size matters!

The smallest banner size you can purchase at BuySellAds would be 125px*125px and it’s obviously the cheapest option. But except for the well known argument of bigger things being much more noticeable, there’s more…

Smaller banners lead to more advertisers cluttered in one place. And you have much better chances of being noticed purchasing one of the three big banners as opposed to buying one of the six small ones.

That’s what I call a “Battle For Attention“…

Generate MLM Leads Online

5. Do something Different!

That would be the answer to the aforementioned question. These days it’s really hard to grab the attention and “generate MLM leads online” with some fancy banner design or a catchy slogan – every banner is exactly like that.

In our quest for higher CTR we decided we should try something “crazy”.

This is how the idea of using meme faces in our banner design appeared.

There was an empty banner slot at DesignersTalk Forum, and we decided that “Me Gusta” Face is rather well known among designers and should definitely grab their attention:

And apparently it did, getting us that 500% increase in CTR from 0.04% to 0.22%!

That’s basically our “success story” with BuySellAds and the tips we’ve learned along the way. – Original article

So really, choosing banner ads to generate MLM leads online…

is certainly a viable way to go, and if you follow the advice of Tim and Bilal, you should be able to cut your learning curve down considerable and really see a good return on investment with your advertising right out of the gate.

The last tip there from Tim is incredibly important. You want your banners to stand out and grab people’s attention and when it comes to advertising an MLM business one of the most effective designs for a banner is one that includes your face on it, or someone in your team’s face. This discovery was made by Home Business trainer, and 6-figure earner, Lena Bjorna during the testing of her own banner ads for online lead generation and you can view the entire presentation from Lena – Here

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  1. ArkayPJune 9, 2013 at 11:43 pmReply

    I’ll have to admit that I didn’t really the real benefits behing using banner ad’s much at all but I certainly understand the value and advantages of using them to build my list now.
    Great article.

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