MLM Blogging Tips: The 4 Pillars of Blogging Success

MLM Blog Training“When you provide value consistently on your MLM Blog you can easily make money with congruent streams of income”

One of the top blogging authorities in the Home Business industry, Ray Higdon, recently launched his brand new MLM Blogging tips course, “Make Money Blogging: A 60 Day Journey to Online Riches”, and as always Ray shared the details of his new program via a value packed webinar.

The MLM Blogging tips course is only available for a limited time due to its live, “look over the shoulder”, presentation style, so by the time you read this Ray may have already closed the door. HOWEVER the principles of MLM blogging success shared on the webinar truly provide a blueprint to allow anyone to massively accelerate the results they are having with their blog.

If you currently have an MLM Blog and are looking for training to boost your results, then these 4 pillars of blogging success will provide some huge light bulb moments for you! Guaranteed!


MLM Blogging Tips – The 4 Pillars of Success

Pillar 1: Pre-Setup

MLM Blogging TrainingThere are a number of important steps to take before you even set up your MLM blog. Of course if you already have a blog going through these steps will still be hugely beneficial.

Who are you wanting to attract? If you had a magic wand and you could have the “prefect” lead come in for your MLM business, who would it be? This is one of the most powerful marketing tips of all time, getting absolutely clear on who your ideal prospect is.

Would it be someone who wants to escape corporate America? Would it be a stay at home mom? Would it be a small business owner who’s looking for additional income streams? Or could it possibly be another network marketer?

Prospect ALL, Market to ONE. In MLM you can obviously recruit whoever you want, so prospect all and see who’s open. However, in your PURPOSEFUL MARKETING these MLM blogging tips make it clear that you want to speak to that target only. What resonates with them? But also what turns them off that you don’t want to do?

MLM BloggingWho do you immediately think of that your training/service/product can help? If you are training yourself to be an online marketer, might you want to talk to other people trying to learn online marketing? Would that be congruent? If you are someone who is in the financial services industry, and understand and love that market, then speak to them and give them that value through your MLM blog.

Once you have identified who you want to market to with your MLM Blog, you then want to create a powerful “give away” which will be of high value and will attract them.

Lastly with this pillar; one of the key MLM blogging tips is; you must stop struggling with technical issues that doesn’t pay you! Even a 7-figure MLM blogger like Ray Higdon has no zero idea how to set up a blog. You just don’t need to know how to do it yourself because it is so inexpensive (around $50) to get someone else to set up your MLM blog for you.

MLM Blogging Tip 2: Content

MLM Blogging TipsWhen it comes to creating content for your MLM blog, Ray explains during the training that you should be pulling tips from ALL training you go through (webinars, conference calls, books, events, etc). Of course still a student and learn, but think like a marketer at the same time, take notes and then share what you’ve learnt.

Most Network Marketers and Internet Marketers are doing all these things, but when it comes to creating content they’re still stuck asking the question “well, what do I write about?” Ray’s MLM blog training makes it clear; Don’t make this more complicated then it needs to be! You’re doing more self development than any other niche on the planet! It should be very simple for you to come up with content that serves other people.

This is a very powerful point made during the MLM blogging tips; Stop stressing about YOUR credibility and instead focus on others. Your credibility isn’t impacting other people. If you go out and help somebody they aren’t going to ask for your resume. Just help people. You don’t need to be a top earner in your company or millionaire blogger to talk to people and help them. It is helping people and attracting more people to you that will help you BECOME a top earner.

MLM Blogging Tip 3: Traffic

The very best way to get more traffic to your MLM blog is to be CONSISTENT! People look for that overnight “how to get 50,000 people to your MLM blog in 24 hours”, and even if that might work, there’s a good chance Google won’t like it, and long term it won’t work.

But what works all the time? Consistency. Google wants to see you’re pumping out fresh content, that you’re staying relevant in your niche, and providing value on a regular basis.

Create your tips, training and value and INTERCEPT traffic. You place links to your MLM blog posts in places where your target market hangs out and when you’re smart with keyword research, and on-page SEO, you’ll attract a lot of additional traffic through organic means.

MLM Blog Training – Pillar 4: Monetization

MLM Blog SecretsRay makes an obvious point with these MLM blogging tips that can easily be overlooked; If you’re unable to take your actions and turn it into an income then you can’t be free. So ultimately your MLM blog has to be optimized to pull in as much income as possible.

Being part of a Network Marketing company is only ONE income stream (most people are NOT ready to join your company) so invest in your training and be an affiliate of good products as well.

One of the main MLM blogging tips is to have relevant links to training products in your blog PS line. If you talk about recruiting in your blog post then have a link to a relevant product about recruiting. If your blog post is about blogging then have a link to a product about blogging. Ray has made $100,000’s from using links in PS lines.

If you’d like to learn more about Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog AcademyClick Here

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  1. Ryan BiddulphJuly 21, 2013 at 11:19 pmReply

    I LOVE the shift: from your credibility to others.

    Shift the worry to service.

    Pure LOA, or karma, or whatever you call it lol!

    Focus on how you can help someone. Create blog posts explaining the help, publish, share, meet people. Blogging success is yours.

    Aggressively promote other blogs; as much as you promote you.

    Patiently sow these seeds.

    In time you will prosper.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Darren SpruytJuly 22, 2013 at 3:46 pmReply

    Love the tips! What Ray says is so true, especially in step 2.

    Your credibility is helping nobody. There is always someone out there, late at night searching on Google for what you have to offer.

    In my opinion, there is no “new” content, only content that is re-written in the eyes of the author. Different people speak to different audiences, such as mentioned in the first pillar.

    That is where we come in and speak to the different audiences we target.

    Great post. Consistency is very important.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Darren Spruyt

  3. Mike MartinezOctober 11, 2013 at 1:59 amReply

    Ray has the right answers. Offer value and you will always win. Some times sooner rather than later, but it will eventually happen. Thanks for sharing.

  4. DanielOctober 23, 2014 at 10:50 amReply

    Thanks for the great information. I will certainly use that as I build my blog.

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