Review of Dubli Network and Team WUKAR

Team WUKAR Review“This review of Dubli Network and Team WUKAR will discuss why millionaires from around the world are dropping everything to focus on this opportunity”  

Before we dive into the heart of the review, picture this; You’re in the office, at home, or buying some of your weekly groceries, when someone walks up to you and says they can help you earn extra income WITHOUT you having to do ANYTHING different to what you are already doing. Sounds like a pretty good situation, don’t you think?

Dubli Network offers you the chance to make money globally with a product that is suited for most – if not all – people. The product is Dubli.com, which is tagged as the most rewarding online shopping Cash-Back system in existence today.

What Makes Dubli Network Different?

Simply put, the concept is so highly viable that 9 out of 10 people would readily say yes to becoming a customer. Why? Because Dubli is asking you to join for FREE, then go back to your own shopping online and be rewarded with Cash-Back! No other system online makes such an offer for you to earn from your own shopping activities!

Dubli Network Review

With this review of the Dubli Network opportunity it’s important to make it clear that the leadership behind Dubli is certainly impressive. Michael Hansen is the CEO/Director/President and is one of the richest men in his home country of Denmark. When founding Dubli, Hansen saw the huge opportunity that exists by following where money is already flowing (online shopping) and getting in front of it. Instead of attempting to change people’s buying habits.

Dubli chairman, Blas Garcia Moros, was the number five guy at Microsoft (becoming a billionaire in the process), and also saw the big-time opportunity that Dubli’s product offers.

Review of Exactly What Team WUKAR is…

With Matt Trainer, internet tech genius and 8-figure SEO expert, at the helm, Team WUKAR (Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat) is a collection of the absolute best leaders in SEO, MLM, affiliate marketing and traditional business. The reality is; the combination of Team WUKAR and Dubli Network offers a LOT of people the chance to make a LOT of money.

Team WUKAR is ultimately a network marketing organization, promoting the Dubli opportunity. But as you will see during the rest of this review, what they are offering to their members has literally never been seen before in the world of home based business.

Here is Matt sharing the vision for WUKAR and Dubli…

Yes, Team WUKAR have an excellent leadership team in place, but having strong leadership and support within a network marketing organization is nothing new. What makes Matt Trainer’s group stand out from all others, is the opportunity they have in place for “average” people to come in and make money.

The reality is that in the world of network marketing, the majority of people struggle with the process of recruiting team members and generating customers. But what if there was a way to perform basic jobs and tasks in return for customers and recruits into your business?

Of course, you can be involved in the marketing and recruiting process yourself, if you have the skills, or are willing to learn them. But having a system set up which allows someone with limited entrepreneurial experience to start making money straight away is an absolute breath of fresh air.

This “System” is called the Traffic Rotator

Matt Trainer, alongside his partner, Rich Cook, and the rest of the leadership team, are creating an online marketing system focused around SEO (search engine optimization). This marketing machine monetizes “long-tail” search phrases. Of which there are billions of searches per day.

For example; someone may go to Google and type in “How to Make Money From Home in Seattle Washington”. This is a long-tail keyword search. Compared to a “shot-tail” phrase which would be “Make Money”. These types of long-tail searches have very little competition. And this is where the opportunity is, and which Matt has leveraged to make millions of dollars throughout his career.

WUKAR Rotators

In order to build this SEO marketing machine, a huge amount of work is required. This is where the Jobs and tasks come from, for which you are compensated with customers and team members. These jobs will be extremely varied, ranging from article writing, video creation, social media activity, data entry and more.

How Does the Rotator Work?

Picture this, a group of ten people all seated around a table. All these people have completed tasks for the Team WUKAR marketing machine. As the SEO marketing machine generates Dubli customers and Dubli Network business associates, each person sitting around the table gets given one.

The rotator simply goes from person to person, as each new customer is generated. Just like dealing cards at a table. Pretty straight forward.

Here is Jason Cardamone providing a full review of the rotator…

If you have limited interest in “Network Marketing” and building a team, then we want to make it clear in this review that the opportunity with Dubli and WUKAR is still very much going to work for you. Matt Trainer himself has clearly stated, on many occasions, that he has zero interest in the network marketing side of Dubli.

Certainly, there are some of the network marketing industry’s top leaders by his side in WUKAR, such as John Lavenia, Kristian Hoenicke and Tony Rush. So this is great if you are wanting to focus your efforts on that side of the business. But remember; Dubli as a company is customer-focused, with a customer to distributor ratio of over 400-1. Totally unheard of in the network marketing industry.

Ultimately, there is a huge opportunity to make a lot of money from customers alone. This is exactly what made Matt Trainer leave $40 million worth of SEO contracts in order to focus on Dubli.

The Sign-Up Options

There are 2 different options to get started as a business associate with Dubli Network. The Team Member Package for $594, or the Team Leader Accelerator Package for $2,475.

Dubli Network Opportunity

The big difference between the two; is that with the TLA level, you will receive double the commissions from your organization’s production (10% instead of 5%), have 15 VIP and 200 trial vouchers to give away (worth $1800), and have access to the “Partner Program” (for signing up businesses and non-profit organizations).

And from the 10th November 2014, with the roll out of the new “binary” compensation plan (a more powerful commission structure), Dubli will be giving 4000 points to all new Team Member’s and 20,000 points to new TLAs. In basic language; this means more money in your pocket, quicker, as a TLA, as long as you are taking action with your business.

To make it clear with this review of the opportunity; if you are looking to be involved in the network marketing side of the business then the Team Leader Accelerator package is really the only way to go. Yes, of course you can start at the lower level and build up from there, but it’s going to take a lot longer to move higher up in the pay plan and money will be left on the table.

The WUKAR Back Office

The Team WUKAR back office provides a whole host of support and training features, as well as hosting the job section for the rotators. There is also a live chat support feature so you can speak with a real human being any time you have a question or a problem you need help with.

Here is a review of the back office and the job dashboard for the rotator

At the time of writing this review, the team site is still being finished, but when complete it will offer in-depth Internet marketing training to show you how to to generate leads. There are separate sections for both beginners and experienced marketers.

There will also be lead capture pages, sales funnels, and a whole host of marketing materials to leverage. So there is no need for any technical experience in order to generate leads online.

P.S. If you’ve gained value from this Dubli Network and Team WUKAR review and would like to learn more about how to succeed with the opportunity then simply – Click Here


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  1. Kelly SinclairNovember 8, 2014 at 6:10 pmReply

    I think that it’s smart to get rewarded WITH cash back after shopping on-line. It’s a no brainer. Here’s a service that allows customers to save money doing nothing different to what they’re already doing! Overall I am not too familiar with network marketing, but being able to build a business around “giving people money” just makes absolute business sense!

    This looks like a great opportunity!

  2. Josh RobbinsNovember 11, 2014 at 2:37 pmReply

    The key to any business is the ability to duplicate successful actions or strategies multiple times. A key to recruiting people is to offer a great reward and to lower the purchase threshold sufficiently. With this opportunity, it seems that both keys are in place. With the Dubli network and Team WUKAR (love the name) you have a low purchase threshold…you are simply doing what you would normally do and the process is largely self duplicating

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